Let's Get to Know Each Other

My Name is Nader

Art is an escape, one that I happily let myself get lost in for countless, sleepless nights. It is a private world that I have built and nurtured for as long as I can remember. SharpBlunt.Art is the culmination of that unquenchable thirst. From sketch to finished product, everything you see here is a labor of creative passion. Every design is hand drawn and meticulously finished with intricate detail. Every item is hand signed and then carefully wrapped to convey my intention of giving you a gift. These drawings were a ritual of catharsis, a healing found through artistic expression. They now are finally able to come to life, carefully printed through a combination of techniques, and finished using silk-screen methods to bring the lustrous metallics to life. The natural fibres their pigments reside in are yours to wear, carry, and experience, no matter where you may take them.

While we celebrate our individuality through self expression and share in our daily creation of art, let's not forget about the rock hurtling through space we call home:

The materials used are 100% natural fibres and are good for the planet. The packaging is made of natural materials and is also fully recyclable / compostable. 

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